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Sure, we can talk the talk (while maintaining the propensity to sprinkle in a curse word here and there) but can we walk the walk?  You bet your (bad)asses we can.  

Founded in 2018 by Emily Cox and Michelle Suddeth, award-winning designers with extensive backgrounds in architecture and interiors, Building Badasses was born out of a frustration for the disconnect and lack of estrogen in and around the jobsite. Convinced there were more leading ladies looking to make headway in this male-dominated space, this dynamic design duo started hosting small gatherings (with a cocktail, of course) to connect the women they knew in the building community.


Soon a gaggle of five grew to groups of 25+ and Building Badasses became officially official hosting monthly networking and education events at showrooms and industry sites across the Lowcountry.


Peak your interest? We want to see you at our next Building Badasses event!


If it’s broke - she’ll fix it. 

To date, Emily Cox has managed over 35 million dollars of high-end custom home projects over the course of her 15-year career - a number of which have garnered AIA awards, regional and national press, and a feature in the book Contemporary Southern Homes.  

To further prove that she’s not just another pretty face, Emily holds a BS and Masters Degrees in Architecture from Clemson University.  So, you could say, there’s some muscle behind our mission.  

You could also say she is wildly passionate about helping other females achieve a wide range of building badass goals. As the eldest of six children, Emily’s innate diplomatic problem-solving skills, along with her ability to stay cool as a cucumber when the proverbial shit hits the fan, makes her a trusted liaison for clients and a phenomenal leader of the Building Badass charge. 

When she’s not Building Badasses, you will find Emily setting the new design standard alongside fellow fempreneur and powerhouse Michelle Suddeth with Onyx Design Collaborative.  

Prior to Onyx, Emily was the founder and sole practitioner of ECOX Creative. She also spent several years as the Director of Interiors for the Anderson Studio and spearheaded interiors for Red Charrette Architects. 

Known for her contemporary classic style, she creates spaces that are tailored with an edge, drawing inspiration from history, art and travel. Leveraging her experience studying in Italy and Barcelona along with her in-depth knowledge of architecture, Emily brings a unique understanding of the classics and character of each wall, surface, and structure she touches. 

Hailing from the small town of Mullins, South Carolina, Emily made her way to the Lowcountry as fast as she legally could. Though she loves daily life in downtown Charleston, Emily is forever daydreaming about exploring a side street in a distant land in search of something delicious, while wearing an old jean jacket and a pair of Chuck Taylors.  You know how those creative types be. (And we assume you are here for it.)


Where chic meets charm.

Design, art, class, and sass - wrap it all up with a bow for the one and only Michelle Suddeth.  

Hailing from the neon-clad town of Myrtle Beach with over a decade of architecture and interior design experience under her belt, she’s the Queen of Layers. Vintage, modern, classic, whimsical, traditional, colorful, monochromatic - she does it all and she does it GOOD.   

Michelle loves when old and new cohabitate to form something beautiful, something true, and most importantly, something her clients love. (And straight to hell with everyone else!)  

We aren’t sure if you know this or not, but Michelle is kind of a big deal. She’s worked as a Director of Interiors, a Creative Director, and as a Senior Designer.  Beauty and brains, this powerhouse holds a BS in Interior Design from the University of Tennessee (Go Vols!).  

All of these experiences and more have well-qualified her to help steer the S.S. Badass - through calm and bitchin’ waters.   

When it’s time for Michelle to take off all of her many work hats, she can be found at the beach with her husband Jake or hiding away in the mountains while...painting?  Listening to true-crime podcasts? Petting animals?


Likely all of the above.    

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